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Burglar Alarm Fitting in Shrewsbury & Shropshire

If you’re living in Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Newport, Ludlow or throughout Shropshire you might be thinking, where can I find a burglar alarm and home security expert near me?

At Shrewsbury Electricians, we’re experienced house alarm system fitters. We’ll give you advice on which burglar alarm would be most suitable for your needs and budget. Just call 07307 149170 or make an enquiry using the button below.


Shrewsbury & Shropshire have low crime rates, so why bother installing a burglar alarm?

While the number of break-ins have been falling across Shropshire in 2020, crime levels are now returning to normal. It’s expected that burglaries and theft will rise in line with unemployment, so it’s a good time to be considering installing a reliable burglar alarm. It’s not just opportunists from Shrewsbury that are targeting homes these days, thieves are travelling from counties outside of Shropshire to find easy targets.

Installing a burglar alarm at your home reduces the risk of a burglary by acting as a deterrent. 

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How much is a

burglar alarm?

If you’re wondering how much a burglar alarm costs, then it all depends on what you prefer. Wired and wireless burglar alarms vary depending on quality and features.

We can also offer police monitors alarms and smart home burglar alarms too. The best way for us to help you make a decision is to arrange a free security survey. We cover the whole of Shropshire and can arrange a visit at a time that’s suitable for you.



What are the different kinds of

burglar alarm?

There isn’t a one size fits all burglar alarm solution, even the wireless burglar alarm kits are modular. Some people choose to only trigger activity downstairs, others prefer multi-zonal alarms.

Then there are additional factors to consider, for premises which hold valuables or are a target for thieves automatic police redline dialing is available. Other alarms go off and send an SMS message to your phone, if you’ve CCTV installed too, you’ll be able to watch what’s going on in your building, wherever you are.


Basic Burglar Alarms

Low Cost Solution

Basic Burglar Alarms

A bell only alarm system is the entry-level alarm system and most often the cheapest solution. Sensors throughout your property will trigger whenever either a door or window is opened, or when they detect movement inside. The cost of your burglar alarm will depend on how many sensors, which types of sensors and the manufacturer you choose.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

A wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the home that employ radio frequency technology to communicate with the control panel. Beyond this, the methods for detecting intrusion are similar wireless and a non-wireless burglar alarm. They are generally easy to install and the sensors can be placed anywhere and without disruption involved with hard-wiring an alarm system.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

Minimise Disruption

GPRS Intruder Alarms

Alarm Signals Over Mobile Networks

GPRS Alert Intruder Alarms

A smart alarm is typically wireless (although it doesn’t have to be), which means they are less disruptive to install than a hard-wired system.
They have all the same components as a traditional home alarm (control panel, keypad, movement detectors, door contacts, external siren etc.), but are also connected to a secure cloud server typically via your wireless router (aka home broadband), or via GPRS signal over the GSM (mobile phone) network.

The main difference is the level of ‘remote’ control you have over the alarm system and how the smart alarm communicates with you, when activated, wherever you are in the world. Because smart alarm systems do not need to involve an alarm monitoring company, the customer can retain control. Many homeowners prefer this level of involvement in monitoring their home security.

Police Response

ARCs provide reassurance that intruder and fire alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Activation signals are sent to a monitoring centre, where they are filtered for false activations that are neither crime-related or caused by genuine intrusions or fires.

In the event of a confirmed signal, the police or other relevant emergency services will be contacted on your behalf. ARCs also monitor CCTV systems. The monitored alarm system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via communication equipment installed in your alarm system’s main control panel.

Police Response

Redcare Connection

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Shrewsbury Electricians we offer a wide range of support for our domestic and commercial clients in Shrewsbury and Shropshire:


Customer testimonials

The team carried out various electrical works at our property all to high standard. We will be definitely using Shrewsbury Electricians again.

Shrewsbury Electricians carried out a test and inspection at my rental property, they arrived on time and were very friendly. I received the certificate the following day.

Chad Wallace

Very pleased with the job. All completed to a high standard. Professional workmen, both reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend Shrewsbury Electricians.

Perry Gregg

Choosing the best electrician to fit a burglar alarm

We’re usually able to make all callouts in a timely manner but Shropshire is a big county. On the rare occasion we turn a job down we’ll often get asked ‘can you recommend an electrician to fit my burglar alarm?’ We can make a few suggestions of trusted electricians in your area, but if even so, here’s some important points to look out for.

Choosing an electrician to fit a new burglar alarm checklist

Key things to consider

  • – Public Liability (minimum £2 million)
  • – Professional indemnity (minimum £2 million)
  • – Registered electrician, approved by the Government Part P scheme
  • – Qualified to BS 7671:2008 – 17th Edition
  • – Ask for a written quote including full details of work

  • – Request a reference

  • – Check the quote validity period and if the price includes VAT


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a burglar alarm?2020-10-27T18:17:26+00:00
A burglar alarm can be a visual deterrent like a dummy box outside of your house or a smart technology dialer to give you peace of mind 24/7. We suggest that you ensure your house is as secure as possible before you buy a burglar alarm, to give your property the best level of protection you can.

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BS 7671:2018 – 18th Edition



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£2 million public liability

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