Here are three of the most common reasons why your electric underfloor heating isn’t working:

Thermostat Issues
Is there a display showing on your thermostat? If you can’t see anything, then check your consumer unit hasn’t tripped an RCD, if the RCD is in the on position check the power supply going to the thermostat.

If the display is working, check the error code against the manual. Is there no error code? Try resetting the thermostat clock. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call an electrician.

Temperature Sensor Problems
If the temperature sensor has failed, you’ll notice that the thermostats temperature display looks abnormal. It’s a fairly simple job to replace a temperature sensor.

Damaged Cable

Accidents happen. If you’ve a damaged cable, it’s a fairly easy job to replace the damaged cable yourself, but an experienced electrician can do this for you quickly.