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Rewiring a House2021-01-25T19:59:26+00:00

House Rewiring in Shrewsbury and Shropshire

Rewiring a house might seem like a huge effort but it’s a standard job for domestic electricians. In Shrewsbury and Shropshire we have a lot of old properties, many with wiring over 30 years old. As wiring gets old cable protection degrades, this can lead to fire or electrocution if left unmanaged.


As house rewiring is an unfamiliar subject for many, we’ve wrote this guide to answer you questions such as: Does my house need rewiring and if so, how often should it be done? What sort of house rewiring costs should I expect? Is rewiring your house yourself a good idea?


How to know when your

house needs rewiring

Rewiring a house might seem expensive, but as a homeowner or landlord the cost of ignoring the warning signs can lead to fire, failed insurance claims and even prosecution. Here’s what to look out for:

1. Flickering or dimming lights

Flickering or dimming lights is often a sign your house needs rewiring. If there’s a constant change in power going to your lighting, it’s usually a tell tale sign your house needs rewiring.

2. Burnt out sockets

Voltage fluctuations may cause light bulbs to burn out their sockets. If this has happened, it’s a sign you may need to rewire your house.

3. Sparking outlets

Although sparking outlets can be normal, they also present a problem. Short circuits build up excessive heat melting insulation, this can lead to electrical fires.

4. Discoloured outlets or switches

Sparking outlets or switches lead to discolouration. This can be caused by a loose connection or faulty wiring and can lead to sparking, possibly a small fire which leaves outlets or switches discoloured.

5. A faint smell of burning

If there’s an electrical short near a switch, you may well notice a burning smell that you can’t find where it comes from. If the wiring in your house is old, you should speak with an electrician as soon as you can.


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House rewiring cost

in the UK

The cost of rewiring a house depends on the size and the age of the property.

We’ve outlined some typical prices below for rewiring a house in Shrewsbury and Shropshire:

House Size
Completion Time
1 Bedroom
4-7 days
2 Bedrooms
5-8 days
3 Bedrooms
6-10 days
4 Bedrooms
1-2 weeks
5 Bedrooms
10-15 days

House rewiring – some considerations.

If you’ve decided that your house needs rewiring there are a number of stages to consider, especially when rewiring an old house.

Whether you are changing the electrics of your whole house, or perhaps want to add more sockets or light switches, it’s always worth chatting to an electrical engineer. As we’re based in Shrewsbury and have worked throughout Shropshire, we can advise what’s the best way to rewire your home.

Rewiring Your House

DIY or Professional Job?

Can I rewire my own home?

You can rewire your own home in the UK but unless you have a qualified, registered electrician performings the work you risk putting your property at risk.

What’s more is that unless you’re working with straightforward wiring configurations, it’s hard to know how your house was wired. The IEE Wiring Regulation only became British Standard BS 7671 in 1992. So the chances are, what you’ll be working with will be non-standard.

An experienced electrician will not only improve the speed of the job but also provide a certified voice of reason; working to current British Standards.

Considerations Before Rewiring Your House

Preparing a house for rewiring will speed up the job and cut down costs, here’s how:
  1. Begin to Prepare the house by lifting carpets and removing any obstructions on the floor or walls.
  2. Identify and lift floorboards where the wire will be laid.
  3. Rewiring will require loft access, prepare space where possible.
  4. Manage the post-rewire cleanup.
  5. After rewiring, self-decorate your house.

Rewiring Your House

Some Key Considerations

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Shrewsbury Electricians we offer a wide range of support for our domestic and commercial clients in Shrewsbury and Shropshire:


Customer testimonials

The team carried out various electrical works at our property all to high standard. We will be definitely using Shrewsbury Electricians again.

Shrewsbury Electricians carried out a test and inspection at my rental property, they arrived on time and were very friendly. I received the certificate the following day.

Chad Wallace

Very pleased with the job. All completed to a high standard. Professional workmen, both reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend Shrewsbury Electricians.

Perry Gregg

Choosing the right electrician to rewire your house

House rewiring is a big job. On the rare occasion when we can’t meet someone’s timescale we’ll be asked: ‘who’s the best electrician in Shrewsbury or Shropshire that can rewire a house?’ We most likely know someone who can help, but if even so, here’s some important points to look out for.

Choosing an electrician to rewire a house checklist

Key things to consider

  • – Public Liability (minimum £2 million)
  • – Professional indemnity (minimum £2 million)
  • – Registered electrician, approved by the Government Part P scheme
  • – Qualified to BS 7671:2008 – 17th Edition
  • – Ask for a written quote including full details of work

  • – Request a reference

  • – Check the quote validity period and if the price includes VAT


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will rewiring the house add value?2020-11-10T17:38:44+00:00

Many people looking at purchasing a home will look to see how old the electrics are. So will rewiring a house add value: probably not. But will a rewired property make a home more attractive to buyers: most definitely.

How do I prepare my house for rewiring?2020-09-30T11:31:02+00:00
Preparing a house for rewiring will speed up the job and cut down costs, here’s how:
  1. Begin to Prepare the house by lifting carpets and removing any obstructions on the floor or walls.
  2. Identify and lift floorboards where the wire will be laid.
  3. Rewiring will require loft access, prepare space where possible.
  4. Manage the post-rewire cleanup.
  5. After rewiring, self-decorate your house.
Is rewiring a house messy?2020-10-05T20:04:36+00:00

Rewiring a house is messy, but how much mess depends on the age of the property and if there are any changes to the current house wiring designs. First fix is the messy stage where cable and wiring is being installed. We suggest you avoid the mess and have a few days away.

My house was built in the 1960s, does it need rewiring?2020-09-30T11:18:12+00:00

It is likely that your house will need to be rewired if it was built in the 1960s or earlier. Current regulations (BS 7671:2008) state wiring should be coated with PVCu. Cable insulated with rubber, fabric (1960s) or lead (1950s) will need replacing as it crumbles with age.

Can you rewire a house without removing walls?2020-11-10T17:38:19+00:00

It’s possible to rewire a house without removing drywall by feeding cables through space within a wall. In most cases though, the best way to rewire a home is to remove or at least cut into the wall. A professional, safe job is more important in the long run.

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BS 7671:2018 – 18th Edition



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£2 million public liability

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